setting up camp at pine springs
morning light
this morning. hot damn.
beginning to leave this valley behind us to get to bush
one... and two..
a cliff over the flats
working our way down to dog canyon
one at a time
it's fun getting to a place before the sun sets.
marcus campground. one of the "most terrible, overgrown, unkempt
that's the milky way. yup.
morning light!
jonny's racing on ahead! slow and steady
very cool cloud formation
into mckittrick canyon
fully up! 6 minutes later
lots of cliffs on the other side of the canyon
the boys are rocking it.
trying not to duplicate photographs... but wow.
el capitan! the majestic!
oh, there we go, good photo :)
my photo by the flats! seriously beautiful
cool stalagmites
draperies in the ceiling
city in the rocks
old school ladder that explorers actually used. yup.
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